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Feeding Amounts for Large Giant Breed Dogs

WHY DO THEY GO OFF FEED?For a few reasons - Hormones play a large role in your puppy backing off their food - entering season, the false pregnancy, teething around 5-7 months old, and inactivity all have a submit them backing off eating. Food consumption can be directly linked to the amount of free exercise your puppy gets on an everyday basis. I've 2 Great Danes in the home today, 3 and 4 yrs old - intact male and spayed female. Normally, the female at 125# eats 5 cups total per day divided AM and PM. The male is 165# and in good weight on 6 - 7 cups a day.A puppy owner writes:"If we try to offer more food, it just gets left behind and they do not eat all it."So long as your puppy is not managing a fever, lethargic, vomiting, distressed or has diarrhea and you KNOW they are not sick, then it's normal in order for them to cool off on their feed regardless of weather. This is natures means of letting you know they do not want it - regardless of their weight, they are eating a nutrient dense diet and they should take a break from it. Remember, in the wild, dogs would never eat on a regular basis, so they are telling you.."Mom, I don't want it - take it away!".They are not usually food driven like individuals who eat for a number of other reasons; celebrations, misery, nervousness, pleasure etc. ...well, that is most dogs aren't. My Pug on one other hand, well that is another story!HOW I HANDLE THIS:Weekly on one day I cut back on the total amount by 1/2 cup each meal or 1 cup per day total.
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